Our Story

We know farming is about tradition. It’s about relationships and bonds that have been built up over generations. But we know too, that the best farmers are the ones that see themselves as business people first. The ones that know their margins, the market and their marketing strategy inside out.

That’s why we launched Sell My Livestock last year – we just couldn’t understand why sheep and cattle weren’t traded online in the same way everything else is these days. Fifteen thousand farmers seem to agree with us and it’s going great. But then we thought, ‘why not do the same for combinable crops?’ Graindex was born – with farmers like you in mind.

One of the co-founders is Jamie McInnes, a web developer who didn’t own a pair of wellies until his twenties. Then he married an arable farmer’s daughter and got the farming bug. When he’s not knee deep in computer code he takes a keen interest in his wife’s family farm in West Sussex.

Andrew Huxham knows a little bit about computer code, but lots about combinable crops. He manages 950 hectares of arable land and sits on the board of Chichester Grain, a well-respected and long established local cooperative. Together, Jamie and Andrew have been working with a large group of arable farmers and a small group of merchants to perfect this system. Want to know more? Email us at info@graindex.com.

Our Group

Hectare is an ambitious agritech company entirely focussed on exploiting current inefficiencies, and deficiencies, in the farming industry supply chains and has two principal products.

SellMyLivestock is an internet marketplace enabling the online trade of farm livestock (currently, cattle, sheep and pigs) between farmers and their downstream trading chain (other farmers, abattoirs and retailers.

Graindex is an internet marketplace enabling the online trade of combinable crops (currently grain, rape seed and pulses) between farmers and their downstream trading chain (other farmers, local/regional merchants and national/international merchants).

These two markets alone in the UK are worth over £9 billion per annum. We are in course of developing other products for commercial farmers, aimed at improving farmers’ margins whilst at the same time lowering the costs of procurement for their trading counterparties.

Our ambition is for Hectare to become the dominant ‘go to’ portal for commercial farmers and their supply chains, firstly in the UK and then overseas.

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